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Few Words About Us

Founded as NewTech Construction in 2017, the company began by providing short-term and contractual services such as painting, electrical finishing, plastering, construction site safety, maintenance, etc received through 3rd party construction companies.

Today, NewTech Construction is one of the market leaders in building and civil construction, with over 40 + directly employed qualified staff and workers operating from 6 regional depots, stretching from Teknaff to Tetulia.

For over 5 years, we have developed and maintained the trust and support of our clients who appreciate the breadth of our service packages, the quality of our work, and the combined dedication of our engineers, workers and staff.

13000+ SQFT

Area Built

25000+ SQFT

Under Construction

30 + Completed Projects

Sucessfully Deliverd to Client

Materials & Tools

Own Sourced



Meet The Team Members

Milon Hossain

Managing Partner, NewTech Construction

Abdur Rahman

Managing Partner, RK Construction